Creators empowered by Lumanu: 1 week, 2 muralists, 3 states, 4 murals

Creators empowered by Lumanu: 1 week, 2 muralists, 3 states, 4 murals
Katie Rothstein


Katie Rothstein

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When we first heard about Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog’s dream of painting a mural in every state, we knew we had to step in and help take them one step closer to their goal.

Roxy and Phoebe are the duo behind design studio Pandr Design Co. and Ladies Who Paint, a philanthropic mural festival. They are designers and freelancers, but also content creators. They document the reality of being muralists in a fun and approachable way, sharing things you might never think about––like what to do about pipes on a wall that you’re painting a mural on, or how to manage unhappy clients.

Through their content, they bring attention to the women who work in mural/sign painting––a typically male-dominated discipline. 

They have both been particularly vocal about their goal to paint a mural in all 50 states, but the biggest barriers to achieving this goal are time and financial resources. That’s where Lumanu came in. 

We sent Roxy and Phoebe on a whirlwind trip to 3 states on their bucket list to paint 4 murals in 7 days. They took this opportunity to check off Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama from their list, and each mural they painted was for a small business. Best of all, these creators used Lumanu throughout the trip to track their expenses, invoice their clients, and manage their business. 

Check out some of the amazing content they shared during their adventure below! 

Louisville, Kentucky 

Their first stop on the road was the Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally opened in 1935 and re-opened in 2014, Stitzel-Weller is an important part of Kentucky’s bourbon history.

Phoebe and Roxy painted a giant mural timeline about the history of bourbon in Kentucky with the help of some other local muralists. 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Phoebe and Roxy’s second stop was at The Bookshop in Nashville. This was an extra special stop because The Bookshop carries Phoebe and Roxy’s recently published book, “Wonder Walls,” about how you can learn to wall paint in an accessible way––so they were also able to do a book signing while on-site in Nashville!

Orange Beach, Alabama

For their last stop on the whirlwind adventure, Roxy and Phoebe headed to Orange Beach, Alabama, to paint outdoor murals at The Wharf.

Stay up to date with Pandr Design! 

Follow Phoeobe and Roxy on TikTok (@phoebecornog and @roxyprima), and @pandrdesignco and @ladieswhopaint on Instagram!  

Phoebe and Roxy have worked with a wide range of brands including Visa, Sweetgreen, AIGA, MLB teams, Lululemon, Steve Aoki, Red Bull, and Vans, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

Katie Rothstein

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