Creators Need a Payment App That’s Better Than QuickBooks and PayPal

Creators Need a Payment App That’s Better Than QuickBooks and PayPal
Ashley Hanson


Ashley Hanson

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Working toward creativity as your career takes more time than just putting together fantastic words and images to share with your audiences and brand-commissioned projects. The business side of being creative is just as important - though we know it’s not nearly as much fun. 

In fact, sometimes it can be downright difficult, especially when trying to receive payment for all of that great work you create for a brand collaboration or project. While online sites such as QuickBooks and PayPal have the basics down for invoicing, it’s not tailored to the specific needs of a creator or freelancer. Plus there are some fees you may have not been expecting to take a cut from what you’ve earned. 

While that’s definitely the cost of doing business, it can seem like you are being excessively nickel-and-dimed. Lumanu solves creator payment frustrations by taking less from your hard-earned pay, while also providing an experience that is tailored specifically for creators and their needs. 

Comparing Creator Invoicing Tools  

Ease of use is something that both QuickBooks and PayPal offer as far as invoicing for people who own their own businesses. It’s a part of the overall service they offer to anyone who has a business of their own, whether or not they are creatives. Let’s take a look at what each can offer a creative running their own business, and what is lacking for creative freelancers.  


Pros for creators

• Integrates well with other QuickBooks products
• Works on multiple devices

Cons for creators

• Receiving payments costs extra with QuickBooks Payments
• Invoices need to be manually created


Pros for creators

• Intuitive app that’s easy to use
• Invoicing doesn’t cost extra with PayPal Business account

Cons for creators 

• Use of “friends and family” app leads to potential audits
• Standard fees take portion of your pay
• Delays in payment up to 3 business days can occur

How Our App Solves The Creator Invoicing Gap

Lumanu was created to empower creators and help manage their business. When developing the app, having a streamlined, user-friendly invoicing tool was a high priority. Here’s a look at what our Business App provides. 

Creator-focused Invoicing

We are able to provide invoices that you don’t have to manually create through our system each time, taking mere seconds to send out an invoice once we have your information. You can also set up reminders for clients to pay and track your earnings in spreadsheets that get automatically populated. 

EarlyPay Option 

We also offer a creator-friendly service where qualified invoices can be paid the same day they are sent, which is not an option with Paypal, VenMo, or Zelle. Whether you need the money for rent and bills, have a life emergency that requires cash, want access to your cash to reinvest into your business, or simply just don't want to wait, Lumanu EarlyPay gives you the option to get paid instantly on qualified invoices. 

Tax Compliant 

Tax laws change and can create headaches for any creator/freelancer business. Not only does the Lumanu app make it easy to track expenses and brand invoices for your end of year 1099, but our payment tool is compliant with all IRS updates. 

A Complete Creator Business App

Creating a successful creator business goes beyond invoicing. With the Lumanu app, creators also have access to other business management tools. These include ways for a creator to chart expenses, maximize tax savings, and organize projects. It’s a one-stop for everything you need to truly maximize and grow a creator business.

Spending more time refining and creating your words and images is the goal with what Lumanu can provide. Go to our site for creators to learn more about sending invoices and opting in to our EarlyPay program.  

Ashley Hanson

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