You've Accepted a Collab...Now What?


After whitelisting your social channels with Lumanu you will be able to accept collaboration with the brand(s)/agency you are working with.

Within the Collabs menu you will be able to view all of your 'Active'/'Ended' Collabs and specify a date range that your Collab will be active with your brand/agency partner.

Active Collabs

Here you have the ability to view all brand/agency collaborations in real time.

Once you click into your 'Active Collab' you have the ability to specify a time frame for the whitelisting permissions (advertising access).

To end the Collab, simply click the 'End Collab' (advertiser is not notified when a collaboration is ended by a creator).

Ended Collabs

Once you or the brand/agency have ended the collaboration it will show under 'Ended Collabs'. If you or the brand/agency would like to work together again in the future that will show as a new collaboration under 'Active Collabs'.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to!