You Don't Seem To Be An Admin Of This Page

We’re sorry you’re receiving this error. Please follow the below steps so we can resolve this for you as quickly as possible. 

You’re experiencing one of two issues. One issue is that you aren’t an admin of the page. The other is that you really are an admin, but your Instagram account isn’t properly linked to your Facebook page. Both of these issues are easy to fix, but to find out which issue you’re experiencing, let’s check whether you’re an admin or not. 

Step 1 

Check to see if you really are an admin. 

Log into your personal Facebook profile and click on the drop down menu at the top right, then select “Pages.” 

You will see a list of all of the pages your personal Facebook profile manages. Click on the Facebook page you are trying to authenticate with Lumanu.

After selecting the proper page, slick Page Settings at the bottom left. 

Select Page Roles from the menu on the left, and scroll down to Existing Page Roles.  

The role under your name should be “Admin” and not any of the other options.  

If you are an admin of the page and you're still experiencing trouble, scroll to Step 1.2 to easily link your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

If you are not an admin of the page, check to see who IS listed as the admin. Once you have identified who is the admin, that person will need to log onto and perform the same steps above to get to “Page Roles.” 

They will then assign you to be the admin of the desired page, and you will be able to finish your Lumanu sign-up process. 

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Step 1.2

Link your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

At this point, you have logged into Facebook, clicked through to “Page Roles” for the Facebook page in question, and have confirmed that you are an admin. All you need to do now is link your Facebook and Instagram. 

Go to the left menu and select Instagram.

Then, simply select Connect Account and log in with your Instagram credentials in the popup window. 

Congratulations! You are now the admin of your Facebook Page and your accounts are linked. Finish authenticating your accounts, and enjoy Lumanu!

Any further questions or concerns? Please email us at