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Why Should I Grant Lumanu Permissions To My Facebook And Instagram Accounts?

At Lumanu, we believe in one simple truth when it comes to today's influencer landscape: Influencers are publishers, creating and distributing authentic content through today's digital mediums. 

As publishers, influencers are no different than big named media companies like Huffington Post or Vox. However, unlike Huffington Post or Vox, influencers don't have at their disposal huge teams of marketing experts and advertising gurus to help monetize their content and data. 

At Lumanu, we want to change that. We want to simplify the process for influencers to monetize their creative talents and seamlessly provide audience data that big media companies like Huffington Post have.

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Keep earning revenue through sponsored content partnerships and affiliate marketing, and Lumanu will streamline your partnerships and secure your usage rights, giving you more time to spend doing what you love.

By granting advertising privileges to Lumanu, you will get the following benefits:

  • Increased exposure via Lumanu SmartBoost: when you work with a brand to create sponsored content, SmartBoost allows the brand to allocate additional budget to promote your content to specific audiences on your behalf via social media. These audiences can be your existing followers (who might not have seen your content), the brand's existing followers, and even lookalike audiences created by Lumanu.
    You benefit by having your content seen by more people, thus maximizing the return on investment for your time and the brand's budget. In addition, Smart Boost can get your content in front of newer audiences, helping to grow your following. Best of all, you don't have to pay a dime!
  • Ease of Whitelisting: By using SocialCert, you are simplifying the process of granting advertising permissions to your brand partner. Where you might have experienced the days-long process of confirming collaborations through Facebook Business Manager (emails, phone calls, google searching “How To”s), SocialCert whitelisting is streamlined down to a simple, 5 step process. We want you to spend your time on what you're truly passionate about, so we made whitelisting as easy and straightforward as possible.

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