What Does The Sign-Up Process Look Like?

Watch this video for the step-by-step Lumanu experience, or look through the screenshots below.

1. Tap on the Branded Sign Up page link to Lumanu from your brand partner.

2. You will then be prompted to make your account. This is as simple as entering your preferred email and choosing a password.

3. Easily click Authenticate to link your accounts. You will be prompted to read and understand what permissions you are giving in clear, easy-to-understand language.

4. You will then select Continue as [your name] and then select Ok.

To learn more about Lumanu permissions, check out this article.

5. Finally, you will confirm your collaborations with your brand partners. Select Next.  

Then, select Confirm Collaboration.

6. Once you have confirmed the collaboration, tap Next to confirm your contact information.

7. If desired, fill out this optional info. This makes it easier for your brand partner(s) to pay you, and for us to contact you along the way. When you’re finished, simply select Finish

8. After selecting Finish you will be taken to your Collabs Menu within your Lumanu account. To learn more about Collabs and the features it unlocks for you as a creator check out our help article here.

As always, feel free to email us at creators@lumanu.com if you have any questions!