Two Ways to Get Paid via Lumanu

Brands and agencies partner with Lumanu to pay creators like you quickly and securely. After signing up for Lumanu, you can choose from two easy ways to get paid: ACH transfer or connecting your bank account through Plaid.

Get paid by connecting through Plaid

Plaid is the fastest, most secure way to link your bank account to Lumanu for direct deposit. All you have to do is select your bank and enter your login details. You have probably already used Plaid if you have apps such as Venmo, Chime or Acorns. 

And don’t worry, the ONLY thing we can do once your bank is linked is deposit money into your account. We can’t see how much money you have, and we can’t ever take money out of your account. 

Get paid by linking your bank account directly

You can also choose to get paid through direct deposit by providing your bank account number and routing number. This is a simple, straightforward way to make sure Lumanu can deposit money right into your bank account. 

Both these options will ensure you have the safest, fastest path to pay day, whether you’re working with a brand partner or agency.

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