Understanding the Collaborations Tab in the Lumanu App

Lumanu Collabs

You may have noticed the new ‘Collaborations’ tab in your Lumanu app and are wondering, “What’s this??” 

Collaborations’ aka ‘Collabs’ is a building block for the future of Lumanu. One where you will be able to specify which campaign(s) your influencers/creators are working on within your brand/agency.

For now we will focus on the ‘Whitelisting Tab’ and the functionality that it brings.

The ‘Whitelisting’ tab will eventually replace your ‘Creators’ tab..but don’t worry, it will be receiving a face lift before that happens!


If an influencer has granted advertising access to multiple Facebook pages, the connecting arrow will indicate which of those Facebook pages are connected to their Instagram account (this is helpful information for media buyers). You can see this in the example below:

If you see that a creator has a yellow exclamation mark next to one of their pages this means that they have broken the Lumanu advertising connection.

In the example below, this creator at one time confirmed the collaboration and authenticated her Instagram and Facebook channels. However, she has since broken that advertising connection by either removing the advertising permissions outside of the Lumanu app, unlinking her Facebook Page from her Instagram account, and/or switching her Instagram account back to a personal profile.

View Details:

Here you are able to see the date the collaboration started with your talent (the date that they granted whitelisting permission with Lumanu) and also where you will eventually be able to note a start and end date of a specific collaboration.

The 'Whitelisting Terms' section is simply a way to track dates that may have been outlined in your contract with the influencer. For now, only the influencers are given the ability to specify the time period on their end. However, you do have visibility into what they specify as shown below: 'Expiration: Never.'  If you notice that dates do not align with your expectations, we recommend reaching out to the influencer to chat through those details.

*Note that IF the influencer specifies an expiration date, they will NOT be automatically disconnected from your team or Lumanu.

Additionally, you are also able to end collaboration with your influencer, thus removing them from your Lumanu team.

Lastly, you are able to access your Branded Signup Page (BSP) link in this ‘Collaborations’ tab by selecting 'Invite Creator', which is the same that you are able to do now within the ‘Creators’ tab.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to support@lumanu.com!