Payments FAQs for Whitelisting Partners

Lumanu’s mission is to simplify business in the creator economy. In doing so, we’ve created a suite of tools for creators which help them manage, scale, and protect their creative business.

When creators sign up for a Lumanu account, they unlock all of the platform’s capabilities (collabs, payments, and whitelisting), this includes creators who sign up for the platform through a whitelisting request from brand partners. 

As you onboard more creators to Lumanu, creators will have the option to start using Lumanu as their invoice solution of choice. This will provide them with an easier way to send invoices to all of their brand partners. 

You may begin receiving Lumanu invoices via email from the creators who are using Lumanu as their invoicing solution.  Below we have created a list of FAQs to help answer any questions you may have.  Here is what the invoice looks like as an example. 

Why do creators use Lumanu for invoicing? 

Creators use Lumanu for invoicing because it is a safe, easy, and streamlined option to be able to create and send professional invoices to their brand partners and keep track of the financial health of their business. Lumanu provides creative professionals a safe and affordable way to collect online payment for their work and track their earnings.

What are the benefits for brands when paying a Lumanu invoice?

Lumanu makes it easier and faster for brands to receive and pay invoices in the following way: 

  1. Lumanu makes it easy for brands to pay via their preferred method - ACH, wire transfer,, PayPal, Zelle or check without needing to change existing internal processes.   
  1. The Lumanu invoice creation process is standardized for creators which leads to fewer formatting errors and reduces unnecessary revisions.  
  1. Lumanu helps brands stay on track for on-time payment with automated friendly payment reminders. These reminders are sent to both brand contacts listed on the invoice and the creator to ensure everyone has visibility for payment status and timeline. Additionally, Creators are given a dashboard view in the Lumanu app where they can view the status of their payment in real-time. Better visibility for creators results in reduced back and forth regarding payment status inquiries being sent to the brand.  

As a brand receiving an invoice, do I need to make an account with Lumanu or log in to be able to pay the invoice? 

No. You are not required to create a Lumanu account or log in to be able to the invoice. You will be able to remit payment directly from the invoice that is sent via email. 

Can I turn off payments for my creators? 

It is not possible to remove payment access for creators. The payments feature is available to all creators with a Lumanu account. Many creators work with multiple brands per month, and our payments solution allows them to easily track their finances in one place.

Does Lumanu instruct creators to send our team invoices? 

Creators are welcome to use our payments tool to track all of their paid collaborations in one convenient dashboard. Creators have the option to use the payments tool for any brand collaborations they have and would like to request payment for. While we encourage creators to track their finances to make better business decisions, we do not explicitly tell creators to invoice your team. If they are sending you an invoice via Lumanu, this is because they have elected to use Lumanu as their invoicing solution of choice. 

What does it cost for creators to use invoices? 

When a creator elects to use Lumanu’s invoicing service, they are charged a fee per transaction of 2% or $10, whichever is lower.  

What does the process look like for creators? 

Please see this help article for more information on the creator experience

Can I see a list of all invoices sent to me?

Brands using Lumanu’s whitelisting feature have the option to unlock a dashboard within the app that would allow you to track all invoices and pay multiple creators all in one place.  As a valued customer, you have the opportunity to gain access to this additional feature at any time. Please reach out to the Customer Experience team for more information. 

How do I pay a Lumanu invoice?

Lumanu makes it easy for your team to pay the creator. Payment processing options are conveniently embedded on every invoice giving your team a variety of safe and streamlined online payment methods to choose from. If you need to pay the creator via check, mail-in instructions are included on the invoice. 

Available Payment Methods:

  • Check 
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH
  • PayPal
  • Zelle

Are there any fees or additional charges associated with paying a Lumanu invoice?

There may be a processing fee associated when electing to pay via certain methods. Please reach out to our support team with any fee-specific questions.

What if my company has a required vendor onboarding process that must take place in order to remit payment to the contracted creator?

The creator can complete this process or Lumanu can work with you to complete this process on the creator’s behalf. Payment information can be added under each creator’s vendor record OR Lumanu can be set up as a single vendor in your AP system and all payments requested by creators via Lumanu can be processed under the Lumanu vendor.

What if the creator is already set up in our internal system as a vendor with their own personal banking information?  How can I pay the Lumanu invoice? 

If your company requires that each creator be set up as an individual vendor in your internal system, we recommend updating the creator’s record to include Lumanu’s routing and account number to reflect their payment preferences and preserve your internal process. The routing and account number can be found on the bottom of the invoice. 

What currencies and banking institutions do are supported for ACH, Wire Transfer, etc.?

Lumanu accepts $USD for ACH, wire transfer, and PayPal.

My company typically pays creators directly to their PayPal account.  How does this change our process?

If you usually pay creators via PayPal, you can continue to do so using Lumanu.  On the invoice, you will have the option to remit payment via PayPal checkout and send funds via your PayPal account to preserve your usual process. 

For any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to