Payment Services – Sample Provision for Creators

In connection with your use of our payments services, we provide the following sample provision that you can include in your agreements with your brand partners. This sample provision lets your brand partners know that you are utilizing our payment services for managing invoices and that payments will be made to Lumanu as your agent for. 

"Payment Services. [Creator] has engaged Lumanu, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("Lumanu") in connection with certain payment services. All invoices related to this agreement will be provided to [Brand Partner] by Lumanu. All payments for services related to this agreement must be paid to Lumanu, as agent for [Creator]. Instructions for making payment to Lumanu will be included with all invoices. All payment obligations of [Brand Partner] to [Creator] related to an invoice will be satisfied when [Brand Partner] delivers payment to Lumanu. 
While Lumanu is responsible for invoicing and managing payments on behalf of [Creator], as their agent, Lumanu will not be responsible for any other aspect of this agreement between [Creator] and [Brand Partner]. Specifically, Lumanu will have no responsibility, obligation, or liability for any of the following: (i) delivery, quality, or completion of services provided by [Creator], (ii) any aspect of the content provided by [Creator], (iii) any communications between [Creator] and [Brand Partner] not related to invoices and payment, including any content approval, (iv) any other obligations or liabilities of [Creator] to [Brand Partner], or (v) any disputes or disagreements between [Creator] and [Brand Partner]. All disputes and disagreement must be resolved directly between [Creator] and [Brand Partner], not Lumanu. By acting as agent of [Creator] with respect to payment only, Lumanu does not guarantee or endorse any of the services or content provided by [Creator] to [Brand Partner]."