Lumanu Monitoring Dashboard FAQ

What is Lumanu Monitoring? 

Lumanu Monitoring, (also referred to as just  “Monitoring”), is an exclusive Lumanu feature that gives you the ability to see all of your sponsored content in one dashboard.  When a brand whitelists your content through your social handle to create a paid ad, the different live versions that were created by the brand will be visible.

Can I see this same information without Lumanu?

Oddly enough, you cannot see all of this type of information without Lumanu.

You can’t get these analytics on Instagram (and they’re literally analytics about your Instagram). In fact, nowhere else in the industry has all of this information in one place.  We are looking out for you and making sure you have transparency! 

Who is Monitoring for?

Creators and their Representative managers/agents.  

Why did Lumanu Build Monitoring?

Lumanu built Monitoring as an exclusive protection feature to give creators like you the ability to see and monitor all of your Lumanu partner’s sponsored posts in one place.  Lumanu believes creators deserve the transparency, visibility, and control as to where, how, and who is whitelisting their content with the ability to take action if something doesn’t look right.  Check out the list of awesome benefits below for more info. 

What are the main benefits of Lumanu Monitoring?

Top benefits of Lumanu Monitoring: 

  • See all of your sponsored content in one place. 
  • See insights broken out per ad such as boosted date, call to action used, whitelisted by, identity, and insights. (see below question for more info) 
  • The ability to “Flag” content for review and provide a reason why content should be removed. 
  • Ability to view how the ad appeared on both  Facebook and Instagram 
  • The ability to view, reply to, and delete comments that appear on the branded ads that you may not be getting notifications for.