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Lumanu Insights FAQ

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What is  Lumanu Insights?

Your Lumanu Insights dashboard provides insights into the performance of your content when it has been whitelisted by your brand partners and used to create paid ads.  

Why did Lumanu build  Lumanu Insights?

Lumanu’s Goal is to empower creators to use the Lumanu Insights dashboard to create a powerful pitch narrative that allows you to showcase 3 things:

  1. Brands are willing to invest to amplify my content to new audiences
  2. My content continues to resonate beyond just my followers.
  3. My content drives purchase intent

Using data to support these claims enables creators to feed confidence during negotiations when pitching a  fair rate and to also pitch more whitelisting, in general, to be earning more per collab. 

Who is it for?

Creators and their Talent Managers.

What is whitelisting?

In short, whitelisting is the process of granting advertising permissions to your brand partners, which allows them to amplify your content to larger audiences. Brands may also refer to this as “granting advertising access” or “dark posting”, but know that we’re all talking about the same thing

Why do brands want to whitelist my content?

You’re authentic, you’re honest, and the reputations of brands across the world rest in your hands. For just that reason, brands have paid you to give a public “thumbs up” when you approve of a product or service they offer. Influencers like you have shown brands again and again how truly influential you are. However, with hundreds of brands tapping into influencer’s audiences the space has become crowded, making it difficult for brands to get their messages across organically. To offset this, brands have turned to whitelisting to increase the reach of your content by paying to get your message in front of new audiences.  

What are the ways brands can amplify my content with whitelisting permissions?

With whitelisting access, your brand partners can amplify your content by “boosting” or by creating “dark posts”.  Boosting is when a brand puts paid media behind your organic post, increasing its reach to a larger audience. Dark posting is when brands create posts that do not show up on your organic feed but still use your social handles and content. Both boosting and dark posting allow brands to amplify your content to their target audiences and add CTAs (call-to-actions).

What are “Dark Posts”?

Dark Posts are posts that brands create using your content and handle to reach new audiences and do not appear on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

What if I do not have any data when I log in?

This could mean you haven’t done any whitelisting collabs yet.  Don’t worry, we can help you start pitching more whitelisting collabs by using our guide here, and once you successfully have a few under your belt, your data will show up here! Be sure to check back.  If something still seems off, drop us an email and we’ll investigate for you.  Hit us up at

How do I talk about how many different brand partners I have?

The “Brand Partners” metric shows how many brands are whitelisting your content and audience targeting data through your handle. This means they see more value in your collab than just your organic posts.  The more brand partners you have, the more impressive you look to prospective partners.

Once you have a few of these collabs under your belt, use this statistic to show how many other established brands have already discovered your ability to drive amazing results to encourage future prospective brand partners to invest in you too! 

How do I talk about how many total brand ads I have? 

The “Number of Brand Ads” metric signifies that brands are using your content across different ad variations based on its ability to resonate with new audiences and drive clicks. 

Share this metric to showcase that brands are experimenting with your content to optimize the “call to action text” and audience targeting variations to unlock improved results with more personalized ads. 

How do I talk about paid clicks?

The “Paid clicks” metric showcases the extent to which viewers are still engaging with your content even when it is amplified beyond your loyal followers! This means that your content continues to interest viewers enough to click on a brand’s desired call to action.

Share this with brands to prove that you create high-quality content that is relevant to audiences beyond just your followers. 

How do I talk about estimated conversions and what is “Purchase Intent”?

“Purchase Intent” is the likelihood that a consumer will buy a product or service based on the actions they take when interacting with an ad.  Someone who clicks on a link to a product page is more likely to show purchase intent than someone who just liked the post. 

Estimated Conversions indicates how likely your clicks turn into sales transactions for the brand once the viewer clicks through to their product page.   The more clicks your content generates, the more conversions a brand can expect.  This is just a projection to help to showcase that you understand their goals and can speak about the industry benchmarks in relation to your clicks. This is an amazing directional metric to share! 

How are estimated conversions calculated?

On average,  most marketers expect 2% of paid clicks to result in conversions. 

Why are estimated conversions not exact conversions?

It is not part of our data protocol to display actual sales conversions of our brand partners. 

How can I see exact conversions?

If your brand partner is willing to share, ask them to send you the actual sales results and ROI from your collab.  You should never share sensitive data when pitching yourself to new brands, but you can certainly average out the results across verticals to give brands an idea of what you can do in their industry. If a brand isn’t comfortable sharing, use the projected conversions we provided as a directional metric.  Be honest about what is actual vs. projected. Brands will appreciate your ability to speak their language! 

How does whitelisting benefit me?

Like we mentioned, when you whitelist your content, you’re allowing brands to amplify it to new audiences through posts that do not necessarily appear on your feed. Not only does this increase your content/account’s reach, but it helps offset posting fatigue which allows you to take on more branded work without annoying your hard-earned followers. Additionally, when you grant these permissions securely through Lumanu, you’ll have unique visibility into usage: all content your brands are amplifying, and performance data: branded ad analytics that you can use as ammo while negotiating your next brand partnership! Without the dashboard that Lumanu offers, this information is otherwise very hard to come by. 

Why do I not see all of my brand collabs and ads in my “your content drives purchases” section?

The “Your Content Drives Purchases” section is reserved to only show you collabs/ads that included a “call to action” that led to a product page where a transaction could occur. This also is the reason why you see the URL as the name of the collab vs. the brand’s name.  By only showing you these campaigns in this section, this helps you tell a clearer narrative using the estimated conversions metric to future e-commerce brand partners.  If you did a “brand awareness” or a “non product purchase driving” campaign with a brand, we will still show those brands as a part of the “brands are amplifying my content” section and you can see deeper insights per eachad in your monitoring tab.

Does the Lumanu App have other features for creators?

Yes! For users who are partnering with brands who work on our platform, we have another tool called “Monitoring”.  Monitoring shows creators their stats per each ad including duplicated or re-used ads.  Monitoring also makes it possible for you to monitor the comments on brand posts and ask for content to be removed if it is not something you approved of. 

Does Lumanu have guides where I can learn more? 

Yes! Visit our homepage and at the bottom, we have a hand-selected group of guides to help you become a pro!  Visit and click on “For Creators” to learn more.  Also, check our blog! 

What if I need to talk to a human? 

We get it, sometimes you just need a real person.  Send us an email at  We will try to get to you ASAP. In the meantime, checkout our chatbox at under “For creators” and see if we can answer any questions there.