Link Clicks vs Landing Page Views, What's The Difference?

You've created a campaign optimizing for link clicks hoping to drive traffic to your website and it's time to run the report. You pull the numbers and see a significant discrepancy between the Facebook Link Clicks and the Pixel fires (website visits). How could this be?

First, it is important to understand the difference between a link click and a landing page view and how Facebook distinguishes the two.

A link click means that a person clicked a link in your ad.

A ‘landing page view’ is when a person lands on your ad’s destination URL (landing page) after clicking a link in your ad.

From Facebook: "Landing page views let you know how many times people loaded your website, after clicking your ad. You can compare landing page views to link clicks to understand how many people clicked on your ad but left before your website loaded. To report on landing page views, you must have created a Facebook pixel."

When does a link click not result in a landing page view?

The following are a few examples of how a link click might not result in a landing page view:

  • A person is viewing the ad, and accidentally clicks but then presses back before the page gets a chance to load
  • The page takes too long to load and the person closes it before it finishes. If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, about 50% of people will abandon the page
  • The same person clicks on the ad multiple times. The Facebook Pixel typically fires per unique user vs. per click. If a person clicks the same ad multiple times in a short period, it likely won't fire each time that person loads your landing page.

The most important takeaway between Link Clicks and Landing Page Views is that the latter is the only one that counts when a user loads a webpage after clicking an ad. So, if your campaign's goal is to drive more traffic to the website, the Landing Page View optimization is your best bet in driving quality traffic to your ad's destination.

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