Instagram Story Best Practices

Instagram Stories, where users can share their photos and videos for 24-hours with their followers, are becoming a large piece within teams' influencer marketing strategy. The question that comes up remains the same.. What makes a successful influencer Instagram Story ad?

With that in mind our team has put together a few helpful tips to keep in mind when creating an Instagram story ad placement:

Vertical screen design: Instagram Stories have an aspect ratio of 9:16 (1080 x 1920px). Keep in mind when creating a story, you are posting vertically. You will want to make sure your media, text, etc fits within the screen dimensions. For a full list of Instagram Story design recommendations, check out Facebook’s Ads Guide

Key messaging at the beginning of the ad: When using Instagram Stories ads can stitch together up to three 15-second frames. It is crucial to have your logo, brand, and messaging mentioned as early as possible in the story. It’s important to ensure you are capturing your audience’s attention from the very start since people consume stories much quicker than in-feed posts and may not make it past the first frame.

Use Audio: Instagram’s study stated that 60% of stories ads were viewed with the sound on. Using audio can be a great way to give your audience a full experience and music/voice overs can drive better results. In addition to audio, adding captions can be helpful as well giving viewers an option to read along or not turn the audio up on their devices or use headphones.

Include a CTA/Swipe-Up: Just like any other ad placement, Instagram Story ad placements should have a strong and clear call to action. Whether testing out “Swipe Up” or using CTAs like “Shop Now”, you want to be sure your CTA is clear to your audience. 

Use Multiple Story Frames: This is a great way to show a larger story behind your brand, product, etc. According to Facebook’s Blueprint insights, the top performing stories ads had shorter scenes- on average, 2.8 seconds per scene compared to 4.1 seconds for lower performing ads. Keep your audience engaged by having multiple scenes for them to tap through just like a true story. 

Avoid Excessive Text: Since three 15 second frames is a short viewing window, make sure your text is concise and to the point. Be sure your text is eye-catching and simple so the audience knows exactly the message that’s being conveyed in the story.

For a full list of technical requirements and to Create a Mockup, check out Facebook Ads Guide or feel free to reach out to our team at with any questions!