Instagram Business vs. Creator Accounts: What's the Difference?

In mid-2019 Instagram added a profile option for the platform’s most powerful and important users: content creators. Instagram introduced Creator accounts as a second type of Instagram “Professional account” positioned as a profile equipped with a variety of tools suited for an influencer’s needs.

When Instagram first released the Creator account, it made sense for content creators to make the switch because of the level of detail into growth analytics the account type provided. After all, understanding your audience and its behavior on the app is imperative to creating highly engaging content. Additionally, the Creator account gave content creators exclusive access to tools such as Creator Studio and Shoppable posting.

Today, however, Instagram gives Instagram Professional accounts (both Business and Creator) nearly identical account features. So if you’re running your Instagram account like a business (hint- all creators should!) you’ll have the same access to analytics with an Instagram Business account as you would with an Instagram Creator account.

Below is a quick overview into Instagram Business vs. Creator account capabilities. Click here to see the full breakdown!

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