Influencer Statuses in the Lumanu Creator Manager

This article will explain the different statuses an influencer may display within the Lumanu App

Before you begin inviting influencers to Lumanu, your Creator Manager will appear blank. You'll begin to see creators appear here when they've done the following:

  1. Clicked your Branded Signup Page link
  2. Created account
  3. Added at least one channel to their profile

The following are the different states an influencer may be in once, they have completed the above.

Creator Manager will appear blank meaning no creators have authenticated via your Branded Sign Up Page link: 

Influencer has authenticated his/her social accounts and granted permissions to your team:

  • When an influencer is fully onboarded to your account, the green Lumanu logo will appear next to the image of the influencer. This indicates that the influencer has authenticated his/her channels with Lumanu and agreed to collaborate with your brand. The channels that appear (Facebook and Instagram) indicates that the influencer has authenticated his/her accounts, and you have advertising permissions. In the screenshot above, the influencer is in the team and has authenticated their accounts. This is the ideal state of an influencer in your Creator Manager.

Influencer has authenticated 1 or more of his/her social channels, but has NOT granted your team permissions:

  • In this example, this creator clicked the Branded Signup Page link and authenticated her Instagram and Facebook channels. However, she did not yet agree to collaborate with this particular brand, so the green Lumanu logo does not appear next to her picture. She will need to sign back into and click "Confirm Collaboration" for your brand.

Influencer has broken the advertising connection:

  • In this example, this creator at one time confirmed the collaboration and authenticated her Instagram and Facebook channels. However, she has broken the advertising connection by removing the advertising permissions outside of the Lumanu app, unlinking her Facebook Page from her Instagram account, and/or switching her Instagram account back to a personal profile.

    If you see this yellow badge on an influencer profile that you are trying to run ads through contact and our team will provide you with next steps to fix the connection.

If you have any questions on the above, please don't hesitate to reach out to!