IGTV vs Instagram In-Feed Video Content

Why is my IGTV content not showing in the Lumanu ‘Content Manager’?

IGTV (Instagram TV) content cannot be pulled into the Lumanu ‘Content Manager’ as Facebook/Instagram has not yet introduced an API call to pull content from the IGTV Placement. Also, the IGTV Placement is not an available ad Placement in Facebook ads manager.

**Note: Once an in feed Instagram video exceeds 60 seconds, Instagram automatically turns it into IGTV content, after which point the Lumanu Content Manager cannot pull the content.**

How can I download an IGTV since it’s not in the ‘Content Manager’?

There is no way to download an IGTV directly from Instagram via the Lumanu platform at this time. There are third-party apps out there to assist you; otherwise, requesting the original source files from the influencer/creator would be the best practice.   

How do I ensure my influencer’s video is pulled into the Lumanu Content Manager?

The influencer must post the video in the Instagram Feed or Instagram Story Placement and the video must be under 60 seconds.

Video Upload Requirements for Instagram Feed Videos: 

  • Minimum length: No minimum
  • Maximum length: Less than 60 seconds

Video Upload Requirements for IGTV: 

  • Minimum length: 1 minute
  • Maximum length: 
  •      15 minutes when uploading from a mobile device
  •       60 minutes when uploading from the web

Additional Info: 


Please feel free to reach out to support@lumanu.com if you have any questions!