How to Use the Mark as Paid Button

Welcome to the future of creator payments! The following help article will walk you through how to find and use the "mark as paid" option in the Lumanu app.

Where is the “Mark as Paid” Button?  

The “mark as paid" option is found when you click into the details of a payment request from your earnings dashboard. 

Step by Step: How to find the “Mark as Paid” button:

  • Sign in to your Lumanu dashboard and navigate to the payments tab
  • Find the payment request that has been been paid in your earnings dashboard and tap on the arrow to view the payment request details. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the unpaid invoice and tap “mark as paid”
  • Confirm that you want to mark the payment request as paid

What happens when I mark a payment request as paid?

Marking an invoice as paid stops the payment reminder emails to your brand partner.  The status of your payment will be changed to “Paid” in your earnings dashboard.

When should I use the "Mark as Paid" Button? 

Use the "Mark as Paid" button when you use Lumanu Pay to send a brand a payment request invoice and they are unable to pay via the payment options available on the invoice. 

Why should I use the “Mark As Paid" Button instead of canceling my request entirely?

Using the “Mark as Paid” button allows you to still take advantage of the these Lumanu benefits: 

  1. Sending a Payment Request instead of having to create/send an invoice manually. 
  2. Tracking everything in one place in your Lumanu Earning’s Dashboard.  
  3. Getting a year-end report of all your earnings from Lumanu to help with tax paperwork!

What payment options are available to brand clients on the invoice? 

Instructions and options to pay are included on the invoice that is emailed to your brand partner. If a brand pays using any of the options on the invoice, you will NOT need to use the “Mark as Paid” button.  Lumanu will automatically update the status of your payment in your Lumanu dashboard. Brands can pay Lumanu in the following ways: 

  • Check 
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH
  • Paypal to Lumanu 

What are the common reasons a brand may be unable to pay using the options on the invoice? 

  • If they are using an influencer marketplace or software that involves a specific payment workflow. 
  • If they have an internal system requirement that prohibits paying via Lumanu’s supported payment methods. 
  • If your contract specifies that a brand needs to pay you directly or via other methods that are not supported by Lumanu. 

When should I push back on my brand partner if they are requesting to pay me outside of Lumanu’s supported payment options? 

For any payment-related questions, please reach out to