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How to Request Your First Payment

Welcome to the future of creator payments! The following help article will walk you through how to set up your Lumanu account so you are able to begin sending payment requests to your brand partners.

Step 1: Request Access to Lumanu Payments

If you already have access to Lumanu Payments, proceed to Step 2.

  • Login to Lumanu with your Lumanu credentials 
  • Navigate to the Payments section of the app 
  • Click “Request Access” 
  • Your request to access payments will be processed by our Creator Success team and you will receive an email notification when you’ve been approved

Step 2: Connect your Bank account

  • Navigate to the Settings section of your account 
  • Click “Link Bank Account” and enter the banking information for the account in which you would like to receive payment 

Step 3: Request your First Payment

  • Navigate to the “Payments” tab 
  • Select “+ Request Payment”
  • Select from an existing collab or select "Request Payment for New Collab"
  • Fill out the information for the payment request ($ amount, deliverable, brand contact, due date)
  • Select "Send Request"

And you’re all set! Remember: 

  • Lumanu will send your request to your brand partner and copy you on the email
  • Lumanu will handle all vendor setup and payment follow up
  • You can view the status of all payment requests in your Lumanu payment requests dashboard
  • Once complete Lumanu will deposit funds in your account and notify you that the request has been paid!

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