How to Send a Payment Request with Lumanu

Welcome to the future of creator payments! The following help article will walk you through how to set up your Lumanu account so you are able to begin sending payment requests to your brand partners.

Step 1: Complete your profile and connect your bank account.

Navigate to the profile section of your Lumanu dashboard. 

Verify your name and contact information is correct.  This information will be shown on your invoice.

Click “Add Account” and enter the banking information for the account in which you would like to receive payment. You will need your online bank username and password to link via Plaid by Visa.

Step 2: Start payment request

Navigate to your payments dashboard by clicking the payments icon on the menu

Tap “+ Request Payment

Step 3. Name a new collab or select from the list of pre-populated existing collabs.

- Note: If you are requesting payment multiple times for the same project or from the same contact, you can select an existing collab.

- The “Collab Name” will be visible to you as the title of your request in your tracking dashboard and to your brand partner on the invoice. Be sure to name it something that will make sense to both you and your brand partner! (Example: Brand x Campaign x date)

Step 4. Define who should receive the invoice.

- Add the email, name, and company of the person who should receive your invoice via email. 

- Lumanu uses your payment request information to automatically generate and email a professional invoice complete with payment instructions to the contact listed. 

Step 5. Enter the amount and description.

- Provide the amount and corresponding description that will be included on the invoice that is sent to your brand partner.

- Click the Add + Button to add to the invoice. You must click the Add + to be able to send your request.

- Create itemized lines on the invoice: Use the Add+ to list out amounts and descriptions as separate line items on the invoice if needed.  (Creating Line items is optional)

Step 6. Set the payment due date.

Use the calendar date selector to choose the date the payment is due based on your agreement with your brand partner.    

Note: This due date is the day that the brand will need to pay the invoice by. Be sure to add on any "net terms". Lumanu uses this date to send the brand friendly payment reminders to keep the brand on track.

Example: If the brand's payment terms are "Net 30 from the day of posting", you would add on 30 days from the day the content is posted to set the due date.

Step 7. (Optional) Define the PO#.

List any “purchase order” or “invoice identification” numbers required by your brand partner to be included on the invoice.

Step 8. Click “Send Request”

Sending the payment request will automatically generate and email your invoice to the contact listed on the payment request.

You will be CC’d on the invoice email for visibility.

The email can be forwarded if needed.

You can respond to the email to start a thread with your brand partner.

Step 9. Track payment status and earnings.

Use your Lumanu dashboard to keep track of status updates and your earnings in one place. Lumanu will automatically update the payment status in your dashboard.

Step 10. Get Paid!

Lumanu will deposit the funds directly in your bank account within 24 hours. You will be notified once you have been paid.

Tips to Remember: 

  • Lumanu will handle all vendor setup application processes so you don't have to!
  • Lumanu's W-9 can be found on the invoice and used instead of yours.
  • Lumanu send's your brand partner friendly payment reminders to make sure they stay on track with the due date you provided on the payment request.
  • If your brand partner pays you outside of the methods provided on the invoice, you can use the "Mark as Paid" button in your dashboard to update the status and stop the payment reminder emails from being sent to your contact. Learn more.