How to Pay a Lumanu Invoice via

Step 1 - Vendor Setup: If this is your first time paying an invoice from Lumanu, complete this step. Otherwise skip to step 2 (invoice entry).
  1. Choose “Add a vendor” under Actions. 

  1. Select “Advanced Search” (under the Vendor Name field).

  1. Select Payment Network ID (PNI) and enter 0210153261730879
  2. Press “Search." The search will pull up “Lumanu Payments."
  3. Click “Connect & Pay.”

Step 2 - Invoice Entry: You have two options to add invoice details to (manual invoice entry or invoice upload).

Option 1 - Manual invoice entry.

Select “Enter a bill” under Actions.

Enter bill details.

Option 2 - Invoice upload.

  1. Click on the View/Pay Invoice button on your invoice email to bring up a copy of the detailed invoice.
  2. Print invoice to .pdf format. If using Chrome select “File” then “Print” and then set “Destination” to save as PDF.

  1. Drag or upload your .pdf format invoice into Inbox.
  2. In your Inbox, click on the file you uploaded and select “Enter Bill” to complete the details on that screen.