How to Moderate Comments on Dark Posts

Monitoring or responding to comments via influencer ads can speak volumes to potential customers; interacting with them directly can bring a lot of value to your brand. Not only does it demonstrate great customer service, but allows you to answer questions publicly that other Facebook or Instagram users might have as well (which may lead to higher link clicks, purchases, and brand loyalty). 

There’s two ways to monitor comments on dark posts:: 

  1. Respond as the brand 
  2. Have the influencer respond on your behalf

Responding via the brand handle

To manage the comments on your Instagram or Facebook Dark Post from Ads Manager:

1. Click on the campaign that is housing the ad you’d like to view

2. Click on the appropriate Ad Set

3. Click on the ad you’d like to moderate comments on

4. Select the Preview button

5. Select the Ad Preview button

  • For Facebook → click ‘Facebook Desktop News Feed’ and scroll down to find the ad 
  • For Instagram → click ‘Instagram Post with Comments’

6. Make sure you are logged in under the brand handle, and respond accordingly. 

Have the influencer respond on your behalf

Some brands prefer to have the influencer respond on their behalf in order to maintain the impression of a testimonial. Here is a step-by-step guide on how they can access Dark Posts and monitor comments within Facebook and Lumanu.