How to Fund a Lumanu account from for Creator Payout

Funding your Lumanu account is the first step on your way to making the creator payment process easier than ever! The steps below will walk you through how to fund your Lumanu account using

Step 1

Vendor Setup: If this is your first time sending funds to Lumanu, complete this step. Otherwise skip to step 2 (sending funds).

  1. Choose Add a vendor under Actions. 


  1. Select Advanced Search (under the Vendor Name field).


  1. Select Payment Network ID (PNI) and enter 0210153261730879
  2. Press Search. The search will pull up Lumanu Payments.
  3. Click Connect & Pay.


Step 2 - Sending funds:

Option 1: 

  1. Select Pay a Vendor under Actions

  1. Select Lumanu from the list of Vendors in your account. 
  2. Enter the amount you would like to add to your Lumanu Payments account.
  3. Select Review and Pay



Option 2: 

  1. On the Payments Out tab in the navigation menu, select Pay a Vendor
  2. Select
  3.  Enter Payment Amount
  4. Select Process Date (the day the funds are debited from the bank account)
  5. Select the bank account for the funds to be debited from 
  6. Select Review and Send Payment

And you’re all set! Please note that it takes 1-2 business days for funds to be accessible in your Lumanu account and should consider that timeline when funding your account. For any questions, please reach out to!