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How to Communicate Lumanu to Your Influencers As Part Of A Campaign

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The best time to communicate Lumanu to your influencers is at the beginning of a campaign. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding usage rights around boosting content influencer content.

The following is an example email to communicate Lumanu to influencers:

Hi [influencer-name],

We're excited to work with you! For this campaign, we will use a platform called Lumanu to boost your content to people similar to your most engaged followers. In addition to increasing your content's reach, boosting will also deliver more quality profile visits and followers for you.
We're using Lumanu's technology, SocialCert, to ensure you have 100% transparency and control around usage rights related to us boosting your content. Lumanu also ensures we both abide by all Facebook terms of services. We will pay to boost your content -- you don't have to do anything!

You can
click here to learn more about Lumanu's SocialCert. Within the next couple of days, you'll receive an email to sign up shortly!


Responses to common concerns from influencers

I am concerned about who has access to my data.

Lumanu will not share your data with anyone. Your data remains safe and secure within your account, entirely within the Facebook & Instagram ecosystem. Lumanu simply allows your brand partners to see the stats on posts you make for them (no different than if you were to send them a screenshot). Lumanu also allows your brand partners to amplify your content to more people who are likely to engage with your content and follow your page.

Lumanu is trusted by talent managers and top influencers because it is the only platform created by influencers, for influencers with privacy and security top-of-mind.

I am concerned with giving advertising permissions.

Lumanu provides VERY restricted access to advertising and was built specifically because talent managers and influencers realized granting advertising permissions via Facebook Business Manager was difficult and gave advertisers too much control without enough transparency for influencers. This led to scary scenarios where brands or agencies were making dark posts on behalf of influencers without the influencers knowing!

Lumanu only allows brands to put paid media behind your existing content and ensure it reaches a much larger audience. Brands cannot modify your content in any way without your approval.

Additional resources

Video of influencer signup process

Email influencer receives when they've been invited to Lumanu's SocialCert

We understand there may be challenges of communicating new technology to your influencers. The Lumanu team is here to help!

Don't hesitate to reach out to if any other specific questions or concerns arise.