How Is Assigning Permissions Through Lumanu Different From Facebook Business Manager?

By using Lumanu, you are simplifying the process of granting advertising permissions to your brand partner. Where you might have experienced the days-long process of confirming collaborations through Facebook Business Manager (emails, phone calls, google searching “How To”s), Lumanu whitelisting is a streamlined, 5 step process.

In addition to a simplified whitelisting process, Lumanu gives you full visibility into the usage of your content. When adding collaborators using the Facebook Business Manager, there is no accountability for the brand to use your account or content in accordance with your agreement with that brand, and you have limited insight into the actions they take. Lumanu solves that problem by only allowing brands explicit permissions that are regulated by the Lumanu team. You get full visibility when it comes to the usage of your content, and advertisers are not able to do anything unapproved with it.

Facebook Business Manager: 

✓ Content is Boosted/Promoted by Brand

X Simple Whitelisting Process

X Full Visibility


✓ Content is Boosted/Promoted by Brand

✓ Simple Whitelisting Process

✓ Full Visibility

As the digital vault for your social permissions, Lumanu keeps your accounts and content secure for each new partnership. No matter how many brands and agencies you work with, Lumanu assures that the only person with direct access to your account is you (not only would it be a logistical nightmare to have brands logged into your account, but it would be dangerous for your account safety too). 

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