How does Lumanu use Plaid by Visa

At Lumanu, we’re simplifying business in the creator economy. As a Lumanu user, you put your trust in us, and we value that trust. We work to maintain high data security standards that keep you safe. To aid in this, Lumanu partners with Plaid by Visa to manage your bank connection information. 

What is Plaid and how does Plaid keep my information safe?

Lumanu uses Plaid to securely connect to more than 15,000 financial institutions across the U.S. When you connect your bank account with Plaid, you are asked to enter your online banking information. This information never touches the Lumanu platform, nore is it stored in any way. Your information is hosted securely within Plaid, Plaid then sends back encrypted token data to us. You can revoke access to your accounts at any time. Learn more about how Plaid handles data.

Why does Lumanu partner with Plaid?

Plaid, a subsidiary of Visa, is a secure platform that provides an easy and seamless way to link accounts so that Lumanu can directly deposit money into your bank account. Plaid is the trusted link used by Venmo, Fannie Mae, American Express, EllieMae, Expensify, and many others. 

What does it mean to be a "receive only" company?

Lumanu is considered a “recieve-only” by Plaid. This means that Lumanu’s only interaction with a linked account happens when it is depositing money into a user’s account. Lumanu uses the Plaid integration and encrypted data to complete these transactions and never accesses your banking information. 

How do I connect my bank to Plaid via Lumanu?

  • Login to your Lumanu account and navigate to the Payments tab
  • Tap Link Bank Account
  • Tap Continue, then select your banking institution and enter your online banking credentials
  • Select the account to which you would like to receive funds via Lumanu
  • And you're all set, begin receive funds by sending your first invoice!

For further questions regarding Lumanu, don't hesitate to reach our to our creator support team at!