How Can I Manage My Brand Collaborations in My Lumanu Dashboard?

Your accounts are yours to control, Lumanu makes it easy to manage which brand partners can do what, directly in your collaborations dashboard.

Your dashboard is separated into three sections, "Pending Collabs" "Active Collabs" and "Ended Collabs".

Pending Collaborations

All pending collaborations will appear in the "Collaborations" section of the dashboard. To confirm a collaboration, simply click the Join Collab button. 

Your confirmed brand partner will have access to the following: 

  • Account Insights: your brand partner has access follower account and average post engagement for the social channels you authenticate
  • Post Insights: your brand partner has access to organic metrics (reach, impressions and engagement) on the posts you create for your brand partner  
  • Content Boosting: your brand partner can put paid media behind your post to give your content more exposure
Lumanu is always monitoring the usage of your content to ensure proper usage is being executed.

Active Collaborations

Once you've confirmed your collaboration, it will appear in the Active Collabs section of the dashboard. In the image below, the creator has accepted the collaboration with BrandCo. 

Removing Collaborations

Has your collaboration with a brand ended? Not a problem! 

You can easily remove a brand collaboration partner by navigating to Collabs from the lefthand side menu and tapping on the Active Collab, then selecting End Collab. Your collab will end and your brand partner will no longer have access to run ads from your handle.

If you have any questions about managing your collaborations, feel free to email us directly at!