Creator Privacy FAQ

How does Lumanu keep my data safe?

Lumanu is an official marketing partner with both Instagram and Facebook. What this means is we vow to adhere to all of their privacy rules to make sure your data is safe.  

For more information visit Facebook’s Policy Page to gain a better understanding. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our inbox and we will help clarify: or visit our help center for creators. 


What do I do if a brand uses my content outside of what we agreed to in our contract?

When you collaborate with brands through Lumanu, you’ll have real-time access to all content that is running through your Facebook and Instagram accounts directly in your dashboard. If you notice that a brand has posted content without your consent, you are able to flag that content at any time. From there, Lumanu will ensure that the content is removed by your brand partner immediately. To access your dashboard simply log in at


So, what does Lumanu allow brands to do when they gain advertising permissions? Can they post on my feed?

With Lumanu, brands can’t post on your feed or stories! They’ll also never be able to comment as you on posts, access your messages or contacts, or login to your accounts-- and neither can Lumanu! You maintain complete control of your channel and posts. Whitelisting through Lumanu allows your brand partners to run dark posts, or ads, using your content and/or your handle and/or your audience data. As mentioned, you have full visibility into all usage on your Lumanu dashboard and can “flag” activity at any time. To access your dashboard simply log in at

What is the difference between advertiser access and admin access?

Advertiser access is the level of access required to share advertising permissions with a brand partner. This level of access allows brands to 1. Create ads using your FB/IG identify and 2. View performance metrics for those ads and analytics about the page. Admin access gives partners access to control the Page and connected Instagram account settings and permissions. Perform any action on the Page, view all Page activity and performance and manage Page roles. This is the most access you can grant and allows people with this level of access complete control over an account including adding or removing page roles for a Facebook Page or disconnecting account connections. Lumanu suggests that you never share your password or give admin access to anyone other than a talent manager who is exclusively representing you.