Campaign Setup Best Practices Post iOS 14.5 Update

As the Facebook advertising ecosystem continues to adjust to the iOS 14.5 updates, we at Lumanu have your back!

The below steps are action items that your team can take to help combat the possible negative effects of the iOS 14.5 updates:

Consolidation of campaigns and ad sets is KEY

  • Less reported conversion data typically means much more difficulty exiting the learning phase with poor campaign structures
  • Working on campaign structure to channel as much signal through as few ad sets as possible to allow quick calibration is vitally important. 
  • This means combining ad sets broken out by placements, age groups, audiences, etc. to help grow our Ad Set conversion volume and exit the learning phase faster even with less overall conversion volume

Leverage DABA (Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences) more than ever

  • DABA leverages aggregated signals outside of the client’s website for targeting
  • Prioritize great creative: Identify your top performing creative from the past 2 months and lean into that if you don’t have enough creator assets for DABA ads

Results can be sporadic within the first 72 hours an ad is live

  • Give it time to adjust, learn, and for reporting to flow in before shutting off completely

Move up the funnel if you are not seeing great results

  • While some clients continue to prioritize ROAS as their ultimate KPI, knowing that Facebook may no longer report the full picture in their UI and within 3rd party attribution tools, Facebook recommends some clients transition to more mid-funnel metrics such as clicks, click through rate, etc. to assess the success of campaigns 
  • Due to a shift in KPIs, clients can invest in more mid-funnel tactics and tactics which help drive awareness for key brand moments throughout the year.

Audiences: Broad targeting and lookalike audiences are your friend

  • With users opting out, broad audiences will become more and more effective vs. smaller targeted custom audiences (especially from website custom audiences due to loss of some conversion events)
  • While the seed audiences that lookalike audiences are based on may see size decreases, the actual size of a lookalike audience will not be impacted 
  • Despite the seed audience size decrease, advertisers are unlikely to experience a noticeable impact to performance of ad sets using these audiences outside of expected fluctuations due to iOS14 changes overall
  • If you’re seeing fluctuations in performance, below are some additional targeting strategies:
  1. targeting expansion (always recommend, especially after the iOS updates)
  2. customer lists 
  3. engagement custom audiences (from your social channels and your creators)

As always, use CBO on all campaigns!!!

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Lumanu Support team at