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Campaign Performance Estimator

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To estimate Impressions, Reach, Engagements, as well as KPIs like CPM, CPE, CPC for the PAID MEDIA portion of an influencer campaign, please use this sheet.


How to use the above Calculator Spreadsheets?
  • Create a copy of the Google Spreadsheet by clicking on "Make a Copy" after clicking on the appropriate link above
  • Provide your inputs in the YELLOW cells
  • Outputs are shown in the GREEN cells
  • For the Paid Media calculator, estimated results are broken out by channel (Instagram/Facebook) AND by campaign objective (Engagement, Link Clicks, Brand Awareness). Make sure your client understands that it is impossible to optimize for both CPM -and- CPC at the same time -- impressions/reach will suffer as Lumanu prioritizes putting content in front of premium audiences to drive high quality clicks.

If you have any questions, please email