A Quick Guide to Lumanu Collabs

We’ve heard over & over again that sharing campaign assets via email or Dropbox is a major pain point for many creators and brands. The process is rigid and slow: there’s no flexibility for file types or sizes, uploading large files is time-consuming, and changing the size or compressing the image often leads to lower quality assets. Additionally, most of the current options don't provide a collaborative space for creators to leave notes, and folders quickly become cluttered with revised content.

Lumanu’s new Collabs feature, makes sharing assets with brand partners easy. Creators are now able to keep ALL of their brand collabs (not just the brands that work with Lumanu) organized in one place, and upload relevant assets directly to the Collab to share with brand partners. 

Once the creator has uploaded their assets, they simply send a custom collab link where the recipient can view and download the content, making the exchange of assets as seamless as possible.

Lumanu Collabs features

Attached files

Lumanu Collabs supports file uploads of any size. That means brands and creators no longer have to compress images or sacrifice the quality of their assets when sharing them for approval. On top of that, Collabs gives creators a place to upload and store all of their contracts or any other relevant documents in one place.

Collab notes

Collabs' notes provide creators with a space to call out important information relevant to their collab and/or content when sharing their assets with a brand. When the collab link is shared, the collab notes are visible to the brand or partner with access to the link. This section can be utilized to call out contract terms or to minimize back-and-forth communication between the brand and creator.  

Sharing a collab

To share the collaboration with brand partners, the creator simply copies the ‘Share this Collab’ link and sends it to the brand partner via email, DM, text, etc.

If you have any additional questions regarding Lumanu Collabs, please reach out to creators@lumanu.com.